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New Funding Secured for happy client.

Lovely way to finish the week with another Full Factoring £250k facility pay out!

The client was recommended to me by another factoring Provider who was not able to help him.
Within hours of speaking to the client and assessing the situation I had him placed with a IF Provider who was very keen to help.
The client runs a successful civil engineering company. Now approaching his mid 60’s was getting fed up of clients taking longer to pay him and his time was spent worrying about getting paid than anything else.
Factoring was an absolute perfect fit for him and he couldn’t believe how cheap it was, for less than £30 in every £1000 he turns over he has every penny insured against bad debt, he has a full time professional credit controller chasing his invoices, sending out statements and the moment he raises an invoice he has 80% of it immediately paid into his bank.
He’s now a very happy man, as yesterday he was owed £200,000 and wasn’t expecting any money in until next month, however on pay out he had £160,000 paid into his bank! He’s also happy as he can now go about doing what he actually likes and that’s digging holes!!

Our team of 7 highly experienced brokers would love to tell you more about the different products of factoring available! Thanks for reading.